The way barns were meant to be run

Bridle helps you retain customers, manage operations, and increase revenue.
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In the Barn

Horses cost a lot. So, why are we using archaic systems to manage our equine businesses?
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  • Finance #1
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  • Inthebarn
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  • Manage daily tasks

    Manage what is happening daily in the barn. From scheduling lessons and appointments to task management. Every user's own digital whiteboard.
  • Modernize your finances

    Process secure payments and simplify reporting. Create and automate invoices to streamline your finances.
  • Take the Reins

    Keep track of every horse in the barn and all of the important information that comes with them.
  • Features

    Bridle is corralling every aspect of equine ownership and providing a single space for it all to exist.
    • Manage

      • Create and send invoices
      • Enter competitions, pay show fees, see live results, and receive prize money
      • Event producers can manage competitions, clinics, and other events
      • All-inclusive schedule with lessons, events, tasks, and appointments
    • Stay Organized

      • Create accounts for every horse with the ability to store and transfer records
      • Set automatic reminders to schedule lessons and appointments
      • Manage feeding instructions and schedules
    • Collaborate

      • In-app messaging for staff and clients
      • Assign and track tasks in real-time
      • Create checklists to track feeding, rides and everything else happening in the barn
      • Upload and execute legal agreements
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